the white women wake up site


Comes from the recognition that white women are some of the most unconsciously harmful participants in the human drama, often while thinking we’re the most helpful. It’s intended to serve as a resource for white women who know there is work to be done, suspect that much of it begins internally, and want to dive deeper. It’s a catchy url that may get attention or play, and therefore may give more white women a funnel to other excellent work and people.

I am a white-identified woman who doesn’t represent any organization, claim to be an exhaustive resource, or want to replace any other individual or group who is doing this important work (quite the opposite, I’m hoping this website connects you to more of these people). The links provided are shorter introductions to ideas and concepts (with references to more in depth resources), or direct referrals and references to more lengthy, important paths of learning, study and work. I don’t seek or receive any payment for this site. The site will be updated as resources are added.

- Kim Fleisher